How to avoid the Holiday Bulge

Nothing says Happy Holidays like family, friends, food and weight gain!  It's so easy to mindlessly eat, especially during the holidays and before you know it, you're using the Christmas cash to buy bigger jeans, not fun.  The goal with any nutrition plan is to find one that is sustainable over time and the holidays will test that but hopefully with these simple tips (not tricks) you can avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain!

 Ain't that the truth...

Ain't that the truth...

I can't say this enough but it really is ALL about balance... The definition of balance is different for you, so you have to take the time to find YOUR balance but these tips apply to anyone trying to stay healthy and fit during the holidays.

1) Don't make a day of it.  It's one thing to indulge in a meal but it's another to do it for every meal, all day.  Plan, if you know you're going to have a huge meal for lunch then make sure you plan on getting a sensible breakfast and some green juice in the morning and plan on having a light salad for dinner.

2) Sweat it out.  Just because you know you'll be spending the day with friends watching college football bowl games doesn't excuse you from getting a workout in, if anything you should make it a point to set you alarm early to workout, even if it's for 20-30 mins.  It's the holiday season which means we are celebrating health, you want to stay healthy don't you?  So get to sweating!

3) Snack attack.  Beware of snacks/hors d'oeuvres at parties.  Think that handful of nuts is harmless?  Think again.  1/4 cup is about 160 calories and LOADED with salt, sugar and whatever else they can cling to those tiny suckers.  Most hors d'oeuvres will be empty calories and little to no nutritional value.  Not to mention you will be following up those pointless calories with a massive meal so good luck digesting that.  Be smart.  Don't go to a party on an empty stomach and avoid snacking all together or stick to the veggie plate, keep it light, make sure the snacks are easy to digest, so fruit and veggie sticks are a great option but skip the dipping sauce.

4) The THIRST is REAL.  Don't drink your calories this season.  I mean is egg nog really all that good?  And how about that hot chocolate and pumpkin spice latte?  Once you read what is in those drinks I bet your answer will be NO, they aren't worth it.  If you do decide to have one of these drinks get a small!  Glass half empty is a GREAT thing when it comes to calorie filled beverages.  Do your body a favor and hydrate (with water)  like it's your job.  Even if you are tossing back some booze, keep it clear and hydrate!

5) Sharing is caring.  The holidays are all about sharing and when it comes to extra large dishes and desserts you best be sharing!  Portion sizes are at an all time large and if we are not careful and mindful our pant size will be too.  

In closing: this time if meant to be joyful and happy, so you don't want to feel restricted but you also don't want to be in a food coma, so as I said BALANCE.  Be sure to plan, make sure you are getting your workouts in, be cautions and mindful of the snacks and beverages and don't forget to share the love!!  

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!  I hope this holiday season is a happy, healthy and safe one for all of you and your families!!