Superfood Series!

Hey everyone!  With the fall and winter months approaching it tends to be a time when people are trying to fight off the common cold or the flu.  I wanted to put together a series of recipes featuring "superfoods" that help maintain a strong immune system and that are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants so you can knock out any nasty illness that may creep up on you.

You might be asking yourself what are superfoods?  The name says it, these foods typically are derived from ancient cultures from around the world and the purpose of the food is not only nutritional but medicinal as well.  These foods are "nutrient dense" (which by definition means:  foods that provide substantial amounts of vitamins and minerals and relatively few calories).  They are loaded with key vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats, omega-3, fiber and other crucial nutrients.  These superfoods have a high amount of micronutrients, which are vital because they allow our body to function at the highest level.

I use superfoods daily.  It's really easy to incorporate things like chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca and cacao into your daily diet and these recipes will highlight that!  It is important to remember that you want super quality, superfoods, which means organic and little to no processed.  My favorite brand happens to be Navitas Naturals (no they are not paying me, lol) I value what they stand for as a company and I love their products.  Many of these recipes will be simple, like 3 ingredient raw, vegan, brownies, acai bowl and pumpkin maca sauce.  

I hope you all found this post informative and that you are looking forward to enjoying some super, superfood dishes.  Be well!