Activated Charcoal

I must confess my love for activated charcoal.  I am obsessed.  Who knew that AC would have so many uses and healing properties.  At the juice shop where I am a business partner Samba Fresh, we sell a fortified water with fulvic acid AND activated charcoal and it's hard for me to drink my standard water now!  So you are probably wondering why activated charcoal?  Let me tell you, AC binds toxins and poisons in the gut and stomach together and prevents them from adsorbing.  Activated charcoal is often used in the ER when babies ingest poisonous items or when someone needs their stomach pumped.  You can use it as an aid to detox as well, take it in a capsule or add it to some liquid and it has zero flavor. This ancient aid will reduce the toxicity in the stomach and small and large intestines (GI tract).  You know what else I do with this gem??  I whiten my teeth with it!  Crazy I know.  But just like it absorbs toxic buildup in the stomach, it does the same for the oral cavity, thus any buildup on your teeth with be buffed and then absorbed.  BOOM.  One of my favorite sites for wellness, has an amazing writeup on her site about this wonderful holistic treatment!  be sure to check it out and get on the activated charcoal train!!


 As with any addition to your wellness routine you should check with your doctor.  Activated charcoal can absorb medicine so do not take AC two hours before or after taking any medicine.